We offer:

Accountancy Services for micro, small and medium sized business, ranging from computerised book-keeping, payroll and financial accounts through to personal, partnership and corporate self-assessment and advice and help with both direct and indirect taxation for business owners. Tax services also extend to private individuals who have personal tax returns to complete.

Business Consultancy to assist businesses improve their performance and efficiency, analysing businesses and creating solutions, while also helping companies meet their goals. 

Training and Development for businesses, we can arrange and deliver bespoke training and development for managers and staff, ranging from Excel training, customer service, investigating training opportunities, working to create a Training Needs Analysis for the business and investigating any funding opportunities for the required training.

Mystery Shopping for the tourism, hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.  First impressions are key in any business, this can be the make or break of a sale in any sector.  We can offer tailored programmes for your business, using our mystery shopping questionnaire created specifically for you.  Mystery shopping can help you look at your bottom line and see where sales are being missed, created and how your business looks to your internal and external customers, analysing the customer experience.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do your staff understand the ethos, goals, products and services that your business is offering, and the goals that you are striving to achieve for the future of the business.

Your Business Options:

Telephone – One of our team will call your business to evaluate how the front of house team perform while answering the phone, how they respond to customer requests and demonstrate whether or not they can close a booking or sale.

Email – One of our team will email your business and look at response times, content and knowledge of the team member.

In person – One of our team will come to your business and review your services, from start to finish.

Full service – From making enquiries and bookings to leaving your business we can look holistically at all elements of the business.

Full reports, from the data collected, will be created for your business in a timely fashion for your analysis.

Services can be offered on a one-off basis or on an regular basis, matching the required skills for your business.

Prices are negotiable.

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